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Think Safety!

Observe these safety rules when returning or receiving a lost item - Stay Safe!

Our goal at FOUNDio is to help people recover lost items quickly and safely. Certainly we cannot guarantee the safety of our members or those returning items, but we can offer tips on how to recover or return items with safety in mind. We are constantly thinking of ways that our users will use our service.

Here are several tips and features that we feel help improve user safety:

If you are under the age of 18, tell your parent, guardian or trusted adult immediately if you find something or are contacted by a Finder of your item.

Don't provide any personal information to an Owner or Finder if you don't feel comfortable.

If you are going to meet with an Owner or Finder, always do so in a public place and bring a friend. Don't give them your home address or visit their home.

One of the safest ways to return an item is to turn it into a local customer service desk close to where you found the item. Make sure you get the name of the clerk and have the item clearly marked for the Owner.

Use the dual-email feature so a parent or guardian will also receive any found notifications.

Did we miss any?  If so, please tell us your safety suggestion.

You'll also notice other safety related reminders as you explore the system. For example, when a Found Something notification is sent, the system includes some basic safety tips about how to proceed to retrieve your item. Stay safe!

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