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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is FOUNDio?

FOUNDio is a free lost and found website built and maintained in the US that helps people retrieve lost items. It works for things like cell phones, tablets, school books, keys and even pets!

I have phone insurance, why do I need FOUNDio?

First, FOUNDio is not just for phones, but phones are what most people like to protect first, so let's talk about phone insurance.

Phone insurance is always good and covers you for damage, loss and theft. However, most insurance plans make you pay a deductible of up to $199 to replace your phone. If you simply lose your phone, wouldn't it be nice if the person who found it could easily notify you about how to get it back? FOUNDio doesn't replace any of the ways you can get your phone back (insurance, owner screen, online locator), it's just a free extra layer of protection for those times when someone finds your phone and wants to help you get it back.

Who created FOUNDio?

We're web developers in Maryland and we have kids. They (and us) periodically misplace expensive things like phones, tablets, laptops, school books and keys. We decided to create a service for our own use that would help us recover our valuable items without being a security risk to us or our kids. The service needed to be easy to use, work effectively and protect our identity. FOUNDio was born. You can read about us here.

How much does FOUNDio cost?

Nothing! Zip! Zero! FOUNDio was created by web developers who wanted to create a Lost and Found service for their families. There is never a charge for using the service but we certainly appreciate it when our friends share our story with others!

How does FOUNDio work?

FOUNDio works by applying a small label or "tag" to your items with a pre-registered Tag ID. If someone finds your item, they can come to our website at and enter the Tag ID as well as instructions about how you can get the item back (eg. "I left your PHONE with Dave, the clerk at the Shell gas station on Route 1").

FOUNDio will notify you via email with the instructions. Your email address is never shared with the Finder. No personal information about you is required; you remain anonymous. Most people are honest and will help return an item if it is easy and fast. FOUNDio makes it simple.

How can I earn money using FOUNDio?

FOUNDio is a great way to earn money for your School, Church or even yourself! Although FOUNDio does NOT charge for our service (nor do we allow affiliates to charge for our service), we do encourage affiliates to provide additional services like custom label making and tagging. Affiliates can print and sell labels for a small one-time fee (usually $5 per label or $10 for three labels). For more information, check out our Affiliate Program.

How do I make labels or tag my items for FOUNDio?

Marking your items using your personal Tag ID depends on the type of item and what you have available. Check out all of the Labeling Options here.

I'm a member of the NAPO, will FOUNDio work for my clients?

Absolutely. As a member of the National Association of Professional Organziers (NAPO), you can use FOUNDio to "re-connect" with past clients. We'll even send you a few complimentary sheets of BLANK labels with your Website address shown as the Sponsor (valid only in the US).

Does FOUNDio require any of my personal information?

Absolutely not. FOUNDio is designed so that you can remain anonymous. The only thing a Finder will know is your FOUNDio Tag ID. We only keep a record of your Tag ID and associated email to contact you in the event of a found item. We never use or sell your email address for any other purposes. You will not get spam from FOUNDio!

Does FOUNDio require a credit card?

No, but a credit card is a great item to protect with a FOUNDio label!

I have kids, is FOUNDio safe?

Safety is one of the reasons we built FOUNDio. We wanted to give parents of kids with expensive (and sometimes irreplaceable) things like cell phones, ipads, gameboys, school books, book bags etc. an easy, safe way to retrieve them if they are lost. By setting up a single Tag ID for a family that is associated with a parent's email address, any notification of a found item will go to the parent, not the child. Using basic Safety Tips will ensure that you and your family stay safe.

How do I choose my FOUNDio Tag ID?

Get creative! Your FOUNDio Tag ID consists of 3-10 characters that you choose and it will be the same for every item you tag. Most people use their initials or a simple phrase that they can remember easily. Examples include "4ACES" and "ANGEL". It's best to use a short, simple phrase that your entire family can remember.

Does FOUNDio require an "App" on my mobile phone?

No. FOUNDio uses a simple browser that is on every smart phone. Nothing to download, nothing to buy. This is why it makes it so easy for someone who finds your item to notify you; everyone has a smart phone these days.

Do I have to create an account to use FOUNDio?

No. FOUNDio only requires that you create a Tag ID with an email address so we can notify you of any found items. To access your account settings you simply request a special link that will be emailed to you; it works like Craigslist. No login or password is required to manage your account.

How can I set up a single FOUNDio Tag ID for my whole family?

Start by deciding on a single, "master" email address for the whole family that will be used for one or more Tag IDs (it should be a parent or guardian's email address). Next, create your Tag ID using the primary email address. Tag your items with homemade labels or use our Label Generator.

How does FOUNDio compare to other "Lost and Found" services?

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